Company Structure

Aurora WDC is structured to provide the broadest range of intelligence solutions for its clients in every industry sector. There are three main operational groups within the firm:

  1. the Office of the Managing Director (OMD);

  2. the Client Intelligence Liaison staff (CIL) and,

  3. the Intelligence Research Analyst staff (IRA).

CILs provide account supervision, quality assurance and project management services for clients. IRAs do the actual "heavy-lifting" - research professionals who complete collection activities and develop recommendations from assignments for clients, based on their various skills in primary (tacit) and secondary (explicit) research collection, competitive & market analysis, vendor and customer research, as well as specialized services, such as tradeshow intelligence, intellectual property exploitation, and counter-intelligence activities. Both CIL and IRA staff have immediate contact with all of our intelligence accounts and the individual clients within them. Finally, the Managing Director's staff leads the Firm by providing executive oversight, marketing and thought leadership, product/service development, financial management and resource coordination. Likewise, outside of North America and when specialist sub-contractors are needed, the MD's office handles proposal development in partnership with the CIL staff.

We believe we have meticulously built the ideal company structure for supporting client intelligence applications and priorities on an outsourced basis. Aurora's Recon CI Solutions team is, in all respects, a corporate CI team in every sense... very similar to the most sophisticated intelligence functions in business today. When you need to deploy a CI team quickly, cost-effectively and make sure you cover all the bases, we're there to augment your own operations. We fill in the gaps where your own capabilities might fall short or when the task at hand requires the specialized skills only seasoned professionals possess. Additionally, when benchmarking your intelligence function for optimal performance, Aurora's Recon CI Solutions team can deploy the right mix of products and services to ensure the greatest return on your intelligence investment.

If it's your first look at Aurora WDC and you're considering outsourcing part or all of your intelligence needs in the near future, click the link below to learn more about how Aurora's Recon CI Solutions bureau will strive satisfy your needs.