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Competitor Understanding Research and Analysis Group

The Competitor Understanding Research and Analysis Group is Aurora's Research Competency Team, focused on providing excellence in Commissioned Research and Ongoing Competitor Monitoring services and staff for clients in every industry.

Some of our products and services include:

  • Competitor Monitoring: environmental scanning and issues-awareness on an ongoing basis for companies with rapidly changing competitive forces and marketplace threats.

  • Commissioned Research: from straight- forward market research studies of your or your competitors' customers to full-scale price and product positioning studies, event-driven commissioned research project with short time-horizons.

  • CI Department Outsourcing: for smaller companies with fewer resources, you might decide to entirely outsource the CI function to our team of world-class researchers and analysts -- we can put together an outsourcing contract that will compare very favorably with building the function on your own.

  • Temporary Staff: if you just need short-term research or analysis staff to fill in for a few weeks or want to experiment with onsite personnel for a planned functional expansion, we can provide both novice and expert professionals geared toward your specific CI needs.

  • Strategic Analysis: when you need an objective, third-party to help evaluate and plan competitive and marketplace initiatives, we've got the analytical experience, tools and people to make an impact on your strategy formulation.

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