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Competitive Knowledge Systems and Development Group

The Competitive Knowledge Systems and Development Group is Aurora's Systems Consulting, Education and Training Team, concentrating on Information Systems, Functional Development, Courseware and Professional Training and Executive Search Services to clients in all industries.

Some of our products and services include:

  • Intranet Systems & Software: when it's time to implement a competitor knowledgebase inside of your enterprise, we've got a range of solutions from custom-built to off-the-shelf products and services proven to make an impact.

  • CI Department Deployment: if you're planning on implementing a competitive intelligence function or department inside your organization, we've done it time and time again for some of the world's most fearsome competitors, from start-ups to global industry hegemons.

  • Best Practices Auditing: when you're looking to take your CI function to the next level, tap our global best practices knowledgebase to perform a complete audit and expose the areas for potential improvement and develop a solid business plan and budget for deploying the processes, people and technology to make it happen.

  • Staff Training & Education: for those clients with new CI professionals that need an accelerated learning curve or when it's time to expand the CI function into other areas of the organization, we deliver packaged or custom-developed training for your people to better understand the impact, importance and techniques of CI.

  • Web-based CI Training: with both free courseware as well as in-depth training in everything from introductory CI courses to advanced competitor analysis and business concepts.

  • Executive Search: to find and secure world- class talent when they're hardest to find.

  • Web-Based Intranet: still in development, but you can take part in the beta test.

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