Arik R. Johnson -- Managing Director, Aurora WDC

Managing Director, Arik R. Johnson
Arik R. Johnson
Managing Director

Arik R. Johnson is Founder and Managing Director of the Recon Competitive Intelligence (CI) outsourcing & support bureau at Aurora WDC, where he advises business leaders how to better understand their business rivals, competitive dynamics and to build & extend the value of "Market Hegemony" for their organizations & stakeholders.

Arik manages projects for and consults on intelligence techniques with clients in the Telecommunications, Information Technology, Healthcare, Financial Services, Media & Entertainment, Industrial Manufacturing, Construction, Transportation, Energy, Automotive, Defense & Aerospace, and Retail & Wholesale Trade sectors worldwide. His personal clients number among the world's most feared and respected market leaders.

Arik has earned degrees in International Business, History, Political Science and International Relations from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is adjunct faculty or visiting lecturer on business competitiveness topics at a number of educational institutions around the United States. Prior to founding the firm, Arik was a business analyst with a major international management consulting firm.

In his spare time, Arik enjoys volunteering with youth leadership, mentoring and entrepreneurship programs, as well as offering pro bono consulting to small businesses in his rural Wisconsin community and serves on the advisory boards of several government and private organizations. Arik writes the weekly, internationally syndicated column called "Competitive Intelligence, Competitive Strategy" and is contributing editor to various publications on business competitiveness topics, and is also a Chapter Chairperson of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (

Arik is a regular contributor of essays and editorial thought-leadership to various peer-reviewed and industry publications in the field as well as specialized business journals; and has been a sought-after and popular speaker at many related international events around North and South America, Asia and Europe, having recently delivered a milestone 500th lecture related to market intelligence and competitive strategy.

Arik lives with his wife Tina and two cats, Luther & Phoebe, at their home in the Wisconsin countryside east of the Twin Cities Metro area of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.

More information about Arik and Aurora is available on the Web at or contact him via email at